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Mini cakes

Want individual cakes for a special occasion?  As per our other cakes, we can decorate with special colours, custom icing, and all our usual cake embellishments.  Just let us know what you want.

We offer taste-testing by appointment in our shop too. As our name suggests, our cakes are as delicious as they look.
Call 3217 5308 to book an appointment, so we can discuss your cake wants, needs and desires.

round white chocolate mini cakes

Round White Chocolate Mini Cakes

Any of our cake flavours can be encased in white chocolate then filled with creamy whipped ganache topped with chocolate flakes and curl. Mmmmm taste divine and is a perfect size for dessert.

Cake code: 101

mini white chocolate square cakes

mini white chocolate square cakes

These are our small chocolate boxed individuals.

Any of our flavoured cakes are surrounded in chocolate and filled with ganache and topped with flakes. Add your own finishing touches.

Cake code: 103

iced square mini cakes

iced square mini cakes

Mini iced cakes are so versatile. They can be given as gifts to your guests or presented for dessert.

They also can be design to match you invitations as these one have.

Cake code: 700

iced square mini cakes with bow and quilting

iced square mini cakes with bow and quilting

Individual iced mini cakes with quilting and a formal bow are gifts that your guests will want to take home or serve them for dessert. You can have any number of designs.

Cake code: 701

mini square cakes iced

mini square cakes iced

Individual iced mini cakes can be great for guests to take home as a gift.

Cake code: 703

mini world cakes

mini world cakes

"Sitting on top of the world" was this engagement party theme.

Individual hand painted globes, with personalised 'mini me'.

Cake code: 606