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Classic wedding cakes


Classic Large Bow Wedding Cake

Traditional iced four tier square, with a large icing knot bow can have a completely different look by just changing the ribbon colour.

Cake code: 120


Wedding Cake with Cascading Drape

Sparkling sugar crystals cover this three tier with and we added an elegant drape of icing being held by a diamante brooch and finished with soft pink sugar flowers all placed on a mirror board.

Cake code: 122

Striped wedding cake with quilting and piped icing

Elegant Traditional White Wedding

An elegant five tier traditional white wedding cake. Simply spectacular with its delicate hand piping details married with embossed stripes and simple quilting details.

Cake code: 123

black and white cake with icing flowers

Navy blue wedding cake

Simple yet eye catching designs make this four tier square a truly stylish cake.

Cake code: 124

draped wedding cake

draped wedding cake

A traditional crisp white wedding cake, simply raised top tier and delicate draping, all compliment the elegant topper.

Cake code: 242