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Grand wedding cakes


Extended four-tier cake

Shimmer and shine and a touch of lemon gives this four tier extended its graceful look.

Cake code: 191


Blushing bride

This magnificent extended four tier has it all. Beautiful flowers, delicate icing lace and regal piping work not to mention the amazing ruffle effect all balanced on icing feet. This one is for the couple who want it all.

Cake code: 188

Striped wedding cake with quilting and piped icing

Elegant Traditional White Wedding

An elegant five tier traditional white wedding cake. Simply spectacular with its delicate hand piping details married with embossed stripes and simple quilting details.

Cake code: 123

big wedding castle cake 6 tier

Large Royal Wedding Cake

This monumental wedding cake is made for a princess and her prince.

It composed of cakes, and a handmade replica of a church on the top.

It is adorned with embellishments of draping, bows, roses, and elaborate intricate piping work fit for any royal wedding

Cake code: 180

big wedding cake multi layer

opulent wedding cake

This extravagant, bold style has the two base tiers being double height and the top tier that is  is placed on a stand separator. Monograms and cartouches give this cake a regal touch to your wedding


Cake code: 182

big wedding cake 5 tier

Princess wedding cake

The main 4 tiers are extended height cake with sugar crystals and damask detail with the 7 surrounding cakes being covered in sugar crystals and topped with white roses and finished with formal satin bows.

Cake code: 183

big wedding cake flower stack

Regal wedding cake flower stack

With elegance, poise and a hint of the Regal, this striking five tier cake is embellished with pearls and diamantes, and an abundance of white fresh roses making this simply stunning.

Cake code: 184

Wedding multi cakes

wedding multi cakes

Eleven tiers were personalised to meet this couple's unique needs.

Cake code: 185

pearl and gold stencilled cake

pearl and gold stencilled cake

Opulent champagne and gold.

With this four tier extend height magnificent cake, you will appreciate the attention to every detail. From hand piping to the delicate gold-leafing this cake exudes both old world charm and modern splendour.

Cake code: 186

big wedding cake including statue

Grand wedding cake with cherub stand

This four tier has all, including double-barrelled height cakes.

Gold and ivory icing, roses and drapes makes this cake a grand statement.

Cake code: 187