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Modern wedding cakes


Arabian pillow cake

What more could you want for an Arabian night, but pillows!

Cake code: 227


Music lover cake

For the music lovers, this is the perfect way to show what you both love.

Cake code: 226


Wedding cake with hand-painted globe

This three tier with extended middle tier was design for the jet setting couple. A hand painted map of the world can be personalised to denote all the destination points where you have traveled together.

Cake code: 224


Cake with lace and icing flowers

Striking solid colour with a full base of edible lace and icing flowers scaling this beautiful standard height four tier cake.

Cake code: 225


Ooh la la, Black & White Wedding Cake

This striking cake is more popular than ever, and will make a grand statement of any reception.

The four different design of the tiers compliments each other, with edible lace on the top, classic quilting extended on the second, he third with embossed delicate flowers all sitting on top of show-stopping striped base, being reflected on the mirror base.

This spectacular showpiece will have your guest amazed.

Cake code: 220

Topsy turvy wedding cake with personalised names

Modern Love

Personalise your cake in your own words. It can be your names, or any thing else you can think of. We will hand paint in any colour, in any font.

Cake code: 221

mad hatter cake with ruffles

Shaped cake with ruffles

This three tier is a lovely classic cake with a twist of modern flare.

Ruffles, and texture and a touch of bling this all white beauty will alway be in style.

Cake code: 148

3 tier wedding cake with silver beads and icing bow

wedding cake with silver edible balls

Think Champagne bubbles when you look at spectacular three tier cake.

With edible silver waves and icing bow topper, your guests will be in awe.

Cake code: 150