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Cakes with icing flowers


Cake with lace and icing flowers

Striking solid colour with a full base of edible lace and icing flowers scaling this beautiful standard height four tier cake.

Cake code: 225


Wedding Cake with Cascading Drape

Sparkling sugar crystals cover this three tier with and we added an elegant drape of icing being held by a diamante brooch and finished with soft pink sugar flowers all placed on a mirror board.

Cake code: 122

Vintage cake with beading

Vintage Shimmer Cake with Beading

This three tier beauty with its different sizes adds a contemporary look while still being very classic.

The centre feature replicates the detail in the bride's wedding dress. This can easily be adapted to any design.

Cake code: 143

big wedding castle cake 6 tier

Large Royal Wedding Cake

This monumental wedding cake is made for a princess and her prince.

It composed of cakes, and a handmade replica of a church on the top.

It is adorned with embellishments of draping, bows, roses, and elaborate intricate piping work fit for any royal wedding

Cake code: 180

Stencil lace wedding cake

stencil lace wedding cake

This is a three tier extended height cake has an overlay of damask stencil and hand piped detail, with edible pearls and finish with delicate flowers.

Cake code: 202

black and white cake with icing flowers

Navy blue wedding cake

Simple yet eye catching designs make this four tier square a truly stylish cake.

Cake code: 124

big wedding cake 5 tier

Princess wedding cake

The main 4 tiers are extended height cake with sugar crystals and damask detail with the 7 surrounding cakes being covered in sugar crystals and topped with white roses and finished with formal satin bows.

Cake code: 183

mini white chocolate square cakes

mini white chocolate square cakes

These are our small chocolate boxed individuals.

Any of our flavoured cakes are surrounded in chocolate and filled with ganache and topped with flakes. Add your own finishing touches.

Cake code: 103

draped wedding cake

draped wedding cake

A traditional crisp white wedding cake, simply raised top tier and delicate draping, all compliment the elegant topper.

Cake code: 242

70th hawaiian birthday cake

70th hawaiian birthday cake

Tropical sunsets sprayed on the side of this numbered birthday cake, with frangipani icing flowers.

Cake code: 408

Vintage cake with icing flowers

vintage cake with icing flowers

This sophisticated two tier is embossed with flowers and hand piping. Then by using matte and shimmer effect, gives this all white wedding cake is magnificent depth.

Cake code: 206

soft icing wedding cake with cherry blossom flowers 2 tier

cherry blossom

Cherry-blossoms, Chinese characters and soft icing texture gives this double stacked bottom tier and a single top a quaint feel.

Cake code: 262

Wedding multi cakes

wedding multi cakes

Eleven tiers were personalised to meet this couple's unique needs.

Cake code: 185