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Cakes with lace


Three tier lace wedding cake

A combination of extended and standard height cakes give this cake a added feature while the piped lace and pearl detail stands out.

Cake code: 207


Cake with lace and icing flowers

Striking solid colour with a full base of edible lace and icing flowers scaling this beautiful standard height four tier cake.

Cake code: 225


Ooh la la, Black & White Wedding Cake

This striking cake is more popular than ever, and will make a grand statement of any reception.

The four different design of the tiers compliments each other, with edible lace on the top, classic quilting extended on the second, he third with embossed delicate flowers all sitting on top of show-stopping striped base, being reflected on the mirror base.

This spectacular showpiece will have your guest amazed.

Cake code: 220

Stencil lace wedding cake

stencil lace wedding cake

This is a three tier extended height cake has an overlay of damask stencil and hand piped detail, with edible pearls and finish with delicate flowers.

Cake code: 202