Why, hello there….. My name is Amanda, I am a cake artist and owner of Deliberately Delicious. I have been designing and creating amazing edible artwork for over 25 years now.

(Oh my!… Am I really that old ??! Nope I was just a really talented toddler hehe)

I moved to Caxton St, after my children started school and the juggernaut of Deliberately Delicious was clearly too big for me to stay home. So here we still are, ten years later. Still a family own  business and still loving each and every day.

I adore designing, baking and creating cakes to help families celebrate their special occasions. I cherish the fact that I’ve become part of many family traditions to have their milestones cake created by me. The ones who know me best, know that I run on coffee, and the challenge of something new, bigger, and better. You give me an idea – I will give you AMAZING!.

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