Cake Pricing

Please use the information below as a starting guide only, as each and everyone of our cakes are individually hand crafted, and are priced on an individual basis. The costing will depend greatly on size, intricacy and the complexity of its design. It is nice to note that each cake is baked from scratch using certified free range eggs, pure cream, together with other finest quality ingredients, and without any preservatives.

The cost for the cakes depend on wether you would like to serve it for dessert or token coffee size slices.

Two tier cake starting prices $250:

5” and 7” will serve 30 for dessert or 60 for token size slices.

Three tier cake starting prices $500:

5” 7” 9” will serve 65 for dessert or 120 for token slice slices.

Four tier cake starting prices $850:

5” 7” 9” 11” will serve 115 for dessert or 200 for token size slices.