What your cake tells your guests about you

What your cake tells your guests about you. 

When was the last time a cake from your special celebration remained a fond talking point of friends and family years later?

Can you even remember the cakes you had years ago? Or, the cakes that were at the events you attended back then?

Often cakes are seen as a functional part of a celebration; we organise them because that’s what we do. They largely blend into the wallpaper and not much thought is put into them as our guests scoff them down with a swirl of champagne.

What many people don’t realise is that cakes are meant to be an indulgence; a delicious centerpiece of any special gathering with those we love that symbolizes us. A cake can make an event; just like a piece of art, it can wow, mesmerize, humour and delight. Memories are made from the emotional experience our guests have with the cake. How they remember the cake will reflect how they remember your event, and ultimately, you.

An example to illustrate is when we designed a one-of-a-kind cake for our beautiful client Hannah. It was her 21st birthday and she is a huge fan of the show “Friends.” She came into our showroom and brought some image examples of other cakes she thought might suit the theme, and they did. They were nice cakes and would have done the job. But they weren’t the cake – they lacked something special. They were… Quite ordinary. Anyone could have these cakes at any event.

When Hannah and I got chatting about her love for “Friends”, I discovered her dream was to visit the set of the “Central Perk” (the famous café meeting spot on the show). It was high up on her bucket list. As a dream maker, I created the Central Perk set out of cake – the couch, back drop, a script of her 21st birthday and, working stage lights. Yes, actual working stage lights. It was super cool, quirky, fun and enabled her friends to not only laugh as they recalled their favourite “Friends” moments, but also reminded them of how much they love Hannah. She was thrilled to say the least and her Mum was ecstatic. 

Fast forward three years later, Hannah came back to the showroom with her little sister to design a cake for her sister’s 18th birthday. Still beaming, Hannah revealed that her friends and family were still talking about and comparing every celebration cake to hers, as it was the best they had ever seen. It’s a special moment sharing part of yourself and connecting with loved ones over cake. A moment that Hannah will remember forever.

So, next time you’re organising a celebration, ask yourself what you would like your cake to say about you. Will it represent the things you love, or an important journey, achievement, story, will it be bold, fun, feminine, quirky, or a mix of contrasting elements that show your “you-ness” in an endearing way? Will it be hung from the roof, made from cheese, or form part of an extraordinary cake table for your friends to admire?

If you don’t know where to start, this is where we come in. Bring your dream into our showroom and we’ll take care of the rest.

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